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Fullscreen Modal

The Fullscreen Modal Pattern is easiest and the safest way to embed Findkit UI on a website. You don't need to worry about how it fits on your page since it is just overlayed on top of it. The containing element is automatically created and appended to the body element.

It is "safe" in the sense that it is accessible and will not conflict with the existing styles. More custom solutions may require additional care to ensure proper accessibility and styling.

import { FindkitUI } from "@findkit/ui";

const ui = new FindkitUI({
publicToken: "<TOKEN>",



On slow networks it might take a moment for the UI to lazy load. You should add a visual indication when the UI opening is requested.

This can be done using the FindkitUI events.

// fired on open request
ui.on("request-open", (e) => {
// Only needed when it is not preloaded (preload trigger or previous usage).
if (!e.preloaded) {
document.querySelector("#open").disabled = true;

// "open" event is fired when the search UI is actually loaded and opened
ui.on("open", () => {
document.querySelector("#open").disabled = false;


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