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Running Crawls

Findkit can crawl pages in three modes. Full, partial and manual and the crawls can be started from the Hub, CLI, REST API or from the schedules depending on the crawl mode.

Full Crawl

Findkit crawler uses following algorithm to find pages to crawl in full mode:

  1. It checks for /robots.txt for what pages it is allowed to crawl
  2. It reads the sitemaps reported in the Sitemap: entries in /robots.txt
  3. If sitemaps are found it only crawls the pages reported by the sitemaps
  4. If no sitemaps are found it fallbacks to walking links starting from /
    • The start paths can be customised by setting start_paths

This behaviour can be customized by setting use_sitemap and/or walk_links explicitly.

This will re-index every page on the site every time.

Full crawl can be started from the Hub, CLI, REST API and from a schdule defined in the toml config.


findkit crawl start

Partial Crawl

Partial crawl only checks for sitemaps and only crawls the pages where the last modified timestamp has changed since the last crawl. This can greatly save crawl quotas compared to full crawls. The walk_links option is always ignored.

Partial crawl can be started from the Hub, CLI, REST API or from a schdule.


findkit crawl start --partial

Manual Crawl

Manual crawl will crawl only the urls you specify when starting the crawl. Manual crawls can be started using CLI and REST API.


findkit crawl start --manual ""


Schedule crawls in the findkit.toml file using the schedule_full_crawl and schedule_partial_crawl fields.

The schedules will be active immediately when the TOML file is deployed with findkit deploy. If you need to disable the schedules just comment them out and run the deploy.