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Meta Tag

The meta tag is way to pass instructions to the crawler on per page basis.

It is a script tag with "findkit" id and type of application/json:

<script id="findkit" type="application/json">
"title": "Page title",
"tags": ["custom-tag1", "custom-tag2"]

The tag should be placed inside the <head> tag.


You must sanitize the strings in the JSON if it comes from an untrusted souce. See this.


If you are using WordPress you should use our WordPress Plugin to generate this tag.


title: string

The crawler reads the title from the <title> tag but this field can used provide different title.

titleSelector: string

Title can be selected with passed CSS selector.

titleSelectorRegex: string

Title can cleaned up with with a regex. The first caputre group will be used as the title.


<script id="findkit" type="application/json">
"title": "Page Title - Unwanted",
"titleSelectorRegex": "(.+) -.*"

will pick Page Title as the title.

contentSelector: string

Use custom CSS selector to select the content on this page. This will be combined with the content_selector TOML option.

contentNoHighlight: string

Add text to the index that is searchable but not highlighted on the result excerpts. Commonly used to add synonyms and other content that is not part of the main content text.

contentNoHighlightSelector: string

CSS selector used to get value for contentNoHighlight from the page. This will be combined with the content_no_highlight_selector TOML option.

tags: string[]

List of additional tags to index the page with.

showInSearch: boolean

When set to false the crawler won't index the page.

created: string

Page creation date as ISO 8601 string

modified: string

Page modification date as ISO 8601 string

superwords: string[]

Add "superwords" to the indexed document. When a search keyword matches a superword the matching search result score will get a boost that will be always bigger than normal results. This can be used to implement "Pinned Results" that are always shown before other results. Superwords are not included in search highlights.

On match superwordsMatch: true will be added to the response hit object which can be used to style the superword matches. FindkitUI will automatically add a findkit--superwords-match class to the result hit container element. See Hit slot for more advanced search result customizations.

language: string

Set the page's language. See Languages.

customFields: object

Add custom fields to the indexed document which can be used to customize the search result using the Slot overrides and to filter the results lists.

Following types are available:

  • keyword: Plain string
  • number: A number
  • date: ISO 8601 formated date string

In TypeScript terms the customFields format is

type CustomFields = {
[customField: string]:
| { type: "date"; value: string }
| { type: "keyword"; value: string }
| { type: "number"; value: number };


<script id="findkit" type="application/json">
"customFields": {
"thumbnail": {
"type": "keyword",
"value": ""
"price": {
"type": "number",
"value": 10
"eventStarts": {
"type": "date",
"value": "2022-10-03T12:18:52.233Z"