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select(selector, HTMLElement, callback)

Like document.querySelectoAll() but runs the given CSS selector after the DOMContentLoaded event and filters the results to given instance type. Does not invoke the callback if no elements where matched.

The callback is invoked immediately when the DOMContentLoaded event has already been fired.


import { select } from "@findkit/ui";

select("button.close", HTMLButtonElement, (button) => {
button.addEventListener("click", () => {
api docs


Tagged template literal for Prettier CSS formating and syntax highlighting. To be used with the FindkitUI css option. This is just a no-op function, it returns the string passed to it as is.

api docs
import { css } from "@findkit/ui";

const ui = new FindkitUI({
publicToken: "<TOKEN>",
header: false,
css: css`
.findkit--modal-container {
/* dynamically updating header height */
top: var(--top-offset);